Transversal Challenges

Digital Health

Key Knowledge in Digital Health Immersion Course - 2nd Edition

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March 11th 2024 - March 12th 2024
Jefferson Fernandes (MD, MSc, PhD, MBA) , 
Micaela Seemann Monteiro (MD)
Digital is revolutionizing health. It opens up unprecedented opportunities for citizens, governments and businesses. The objective of this course is to provide key knowledge and experiences for leading professionals to become agents of digital health transformation.

It aims to empower professionals working in the healthcare field as architects of the next generation health journey. This is a journey where human and digital touchpoints will integrate in a meaningful way and will thereby generate true value for patients, professionals, organizations, health systems and society.

Carefully selected content and faculty with extensive field experience, will bring a pragmatic and real world view to the course. A variety of hybrid teaching methodologies with practical components seek to bring a differentiated dynamic to the course, with situations where students can interact with each other.
Clinical leaders (healthcare professionals) who wish their patients to take advantage of digital health

Top managers and directors (ideally with clinical background) who want to create value for their clients – leveraged by digital health

(ideally with clinical background)
  1. To know present and future healthcare challenges and its impact in access to health and sustainability
  2. To know the main health trends in the digital age and to understand how they can address healthcare challenges
  3. To know the different dimensions of digital health and to understand its roles in the construction of the continuity of healthcare.
  4. To be able to identify and to define the value proposition of digital health in its different dimensions
  5. To understand the concepts of a hybrid “health journey”
  6. To acquire basic skills in building a hybrid “health journey”
  7. To learn how to meaningfully integrate digital health into the continuity of healthcare
  8. To learn about legislation and regulation in digital health
  9. To understand ethical challenges of the digital era
  10. To be aware of the challenges and opportunities of digital health transformation
  11. To learn about successful criteria for evaluating investments in healthcare start-ups
  12. To understand the business scenario for digital health therapeutics.