The Academic Council is a strategic body that assures the quality of offer and faculty. Its purpose is to validate AHED’s offer, select distinctive experts to coordinate each program, assess all programs designed by the school, while contributing to broadly advance and enrich the educational offer. All these professionals possess academic experience in health and distinctive competencies; they understand the meaning of innovation, and have a long experience pioneering work in their field of expertise.
Vice-Rector of NOVA University since September 2017, holds a PhD in Medicine and is a Full Professor of Surgery at NOVA Medical School, coordinating the department of Teaching and Research in Surgery and Human Morphology. He leads NOVA saúde, an initiative that congregates a vast array of collaborative research in Health inside Nova, and chairs the University Ethical Council. José Fragata leads the Cardiothoracic and Vascular Department at Hospital de Santa Marta and the cardiac surgical unit at Hospital CUF in Lisbon. José Fragata is a reference in Surgery in Portugal and abroad and was elected President of the AHED’s Academic Council.
Full professor of Medicine and researcher in respiratory diseases and medical education. Rector of Nova from 2007 to 2017, and President of the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP) between 2010 and 2014. Currently he holds a title (numbered) chair at the Portuguese National Academy of Medicine and he is also a member of the Steering Committee of UNICA, the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe. Since 2017 he is member of the Board of Trustees of Aga Khan University and in 2019 he was voted member of the Board of Trustees of Oriente Foundation and also the only external member of the General Assembly of the Medical School from the University of Coimbra.
Holds a PhD in Pharmacology and is associate professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Lisbon, member of the National Ethics Committee for Clinical Research, member of the National Coordination for the Strategy for Medicines and Health Products, member of the Committee for Medicines Evaluation (INFARMED, I.P.). He is the President of the National Council for Cooperation from the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society. Is also an expert from the European Medicines Agency and was also Vice-president (2005 - 2015) and President (2015 - 2016) of INFARMED, I.P.
Full Professor since 2004, Head of Anatomy Department (2008 - 2018). Consultant for Physics and Technology Research Centre, CEFITEC (2004 - 2016). Co-organized over one hundred post-graduate courses with ECTS, with different surgical specialties with Hands On (2008 - 2018). The anatomical specimens used greatly benefited from his studies, improvement in embalming and vascular perfusion techniques with a formol free solution. World reference in anatomical preservation. Registered a patent - Automatic system for arterial infusion techniques (n* 104641, 2009). Is co-author of more than 300 scientific papers and publications, has 563 citations and was awarded 6 scientific awards.
Emeritus Full Professor of Nova Medical School. Subdirector General of Health within the Ministry of Health, (1994 - 1998). Was Director of the Public Health Department from (1998 - 2018) and Director of the Institute for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, at Nova (2000 - 2010). Was President of the Executive Board of INFARMED, (2010 - 2012). Vice- President of the Portuguese Red Cross (2005 - 2017) and member of the board of Red Cross Hospital (2005 - 2010; 2012 - 2018), both pro bono. Currently, Director of Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão, owned by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, and President of Portuguese Epidemiological Association.
Professor of Surgery and Dean emeritus, Karolinska Institutet and Senior Advisor and Consultant, Karolinska University Hospital. Was Head of Division of Surgery at Centre of Surgical Sciences/CLINTEC Karolinska Institutet (1994- - 2013). A member of the Nobel Assembly for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine at Karolinska Institutet (1996 - 2014). Vice Dean of Education and Dean of Higher Education at Karolinska Institutet, (1996 - 2001). Chairman of the Innovation Centre, Karolinska University Hospital (2011 - 2013). Senior Advisor and Consultant of Karolinska University Hospital (2015 - 2016).
Holds a degree in Medicine from Nova Medical School and is a PhD student. Currently is Invited Assistant at Nova Medical School, Scientific Coordinator of the Paediatrics Simulation Lab at Hospital Dona Estefânia | Nova Medical School. Paediatrics complementary internship training coordinator at Hospital Dona Estefânia. He is also the President of the Portuguese Simulation Society applied to medical sciences (SPSim).
Professor in Nursing Sciences at the Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto, since 1991, currently coordinating the Scientific-Pedagogical Self-Care Department of ESEP and researcher from CINTESIS (Centre for Health Technology and Services Research), involved in researches projects, focus on self-care commitment, ageing, caregivers and interactive technologies to support self- care activities. Belongs to International Self-care Academic Advisory Board.
Senior Lecturer at Alcoitão Health School – Portugal and Hanze University of Applied Sciences - Netherlands, holds a PhD in Health Sciences from the Portuguese Catholic University. Area of clinical expertise in Physiotherapy and Neurorehabilitation. Educational expert and advisor in the development of education (EQF levels 5,6 and 7) and accreditation processes in national and international contexts. President of European Network of Physiotherapy Education. President of the College of Specialty of Physiotherapy and Neurology from the Portuguese Association of Physiotherapy.